MFStar Vol.269 5

MFStar Vol.269

Model: 恩率babe (徐cake)

Mega Download

Zippyshare Download



Images in download package have full quality and no watermark of nudegirls4u

Leave a comment if any link corrupted

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5 thoughts on “MFStar Vol.269

  • Maniac

    I don’t know what you’ve done to your website since you started posting again, but every time I try to download, I am getting spammed and it will not go past the “click if you’re not a robot” page. This never used to happen.
    I hope you can fix it soon, so it works how it used to work.

    • Admin Post author

      Can you explain what is spamming? Screenshot if possible. I haven’t put any ads on captcha page, it should work properly.

    • Maniac

      Sorry, this is what happens today, I get this page:

      Yesterday this was opening then a page full of adverts that I could not close, that has not opened today.

      I still have nowhere to click to proceed to the download.


    • Admin Post author

      Looks like you are in a scam ads page which “allow” means you allow this page send notification ads to your browser. I put 1 pop-up ads in post page** and 1 in gelink page after captcha of, do you see a normal popup ads when click wherever in this post? I doubt there’s a malware that redirect to a scam ads page, not sure that’s your computer or my sites 🙁 Try paste this link to address bar and go, does it lead to nomal captcha page?

    • Maniac

      I visit your link as requested, it takes me to Binto, I allow that, then the robot, I allow that, then this URL which I get stuck on:

      As much as I love your site this is very painful and fels too risky to continue. My internet security and hardware Firewall are both going crazy. This never used to happen my friend, it always worked great.

      I would happily donate directly to you, if you email me, I hope we can work a way so we are both happy 🙂
      Thank you.