AISS No.043 4

AISS No.043

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aiss-4043-0011.jpg 753228748.jpg aiss-4043-0002.jpg aiss-4043-0003.jpg aiss-4043-0004.jpg aiss-4043-0006.jpg aiss-4043-0008.jpg aiss-4043-0009.jpg aiss-4043-0012.jpg aiss-4043-0014.jpg aiss-4043-0015.jpg aiss-4043-0016.jpg aiss-4043-0017.jpg aiss-4043-0018.jpg aiss-4043-0019.jpg aiss-4043-0020.jpg aiss-4043-0021.jpg aiss-4043-0023.jpg aiss-4043-0024.jpg aiss-4043-0026.jpg aiss-4043-0028.jpg aiss-4043-0029.jpg aiss-4043-0032.jpg aiss-4043-0033.jpg aiss-4043-0034.jpg aiss-4043-0037.jpg aiss-4043-0039.jpg aiss-4043-0042.jpg aiss-4043-0043.jpg aiss-4043-0044.jpg aiss-4043-0045.jpg aiss-4043-0047.jpg aiss-4043-0048.jpg aiss-4043-0053.jpg aiss-4043-0054.jpg aiss-4043-0055.jpg aiss-4043-0057.jpg aiss-4043-0059.jpg aiss-4043-0060.jpg

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4 thoughts on “AISS No.043

  • Mr ph lover

    I guess you have received this question many times: Why is it so hard to find all the AISS photos? There are som chinese sites, but I do not understand chinese. I also think there are more videos than what is on youtube, why are they not for sale anywhere? Best content I have EVER seen. Help from anyone is highly appreciated!


    • Admin Post author are the first :)) most of chinese website only show pictures, no download link, I don’t know why 😀 Until now I know that AISS has videos @@ You can buy there original album from

    • PhLover

      Thanks, but the site does not appear to be working… how do I buy the originals from Aiss?


    • Admin Post author

      Wew, I can’t load either, but I can still see their new album on other websites recently. I guess they block access outside China :p