CSRF token error messages on tui.click 9

This error message means that your browser couldn’t create a secure cookie, or couldn’t access that cookie to authorize your visit. This can be caused by ad- or script-blocking plugins, but also by the browser itself if it’s not allowed to set cookies.

To address this issue, you can open tui.click link in a new incognito/private window, or follow these steps.



  1. Open Chrome Settings.
  2. In the Privacy and security section, click on Site Settings.
  3. Click on Cookies and site data.
  4. In Allow section, click Add.
  5. Copy and paste “[*.]tui.click” and click Add.
  6. Under See all cookies and site data, search for tui.click, and remove all cookies.
  7. Reload Chrome.



  1. Open the Firefox Options menu.
  2. On the left, select Privacy & Security.
  3. Under Cookies and Site Data click on Manage Permissions.
  4. Copy and paste “https://tui.click” and click Allow.
  5. Then copy and paste “http://tui.click” and click Allow.
  6. Click Save Changes.
  7. Next, click on Manage Data.
  8. Search for “tui.click” and select Remove All Shown.
  9. Click Save Changes and confirm in the pop-up window by clicking Remove.
  10. Reload Firefoxt.



  1. Open Safari Preferences from the drop-down menu in the navigation bar or by typing Cmd + , (⌘,).
  2. Click the Privacy tab and make sure that “Cookies and website data” is set to either “Always allow” or “Allow from websites I visit”.
  3. Click on Manage Website Data to see all locally stored website data.
  4. Search for “tui.click” and remove all cookies.
  5. Reload Safari.


If you are running any privacy extensions such as Ghostery or Privacy Badger, make sure to add tui.click as a trusted website.

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